We just had a wonderful weekend with friends Deb and Anne, here from Portland with good dog, Sydney. After a leisure lunch at Mamacita's after we played at Saturday Market, we attended the Gala at the Union County Center for Arts and Culture. We got outbid on every item but had fun anyway. The food was fab and I learned how to bid at an auction. Deb and Anne are excellent coaches. Too bad my pockets aren't as deep as some attendees. This morning we had breakfast with our mutual friends, Pat and Ted. The food at Foley was amazing as usual. We all parted with happy memories and a p-ledge to not let too much time pass the next time. Then I hung out with one of my favorite artists, Jaime. She and Eeric are amazing people and so interesting to talk with. 

On a musical "note," I sang "Ode to Billy Joe" with the Matt Cooper X-Tet. The guys had a good sense of humor about that one! I sure enjoy the carol King tunes as well. Horace Silver-so much fun to sing--high A with no vibrato--very cool!

Now, back to the lesson plans!