Despite the intense sunshine in the afternoon, the Velotones had a great time in Wallowa, Oregon cheering the troops of cyclists for their lunch stop. We passed 2,000 cyclists through the narrow canyons doing our best to not run head-on with approaching cars as the cyclists often took over the lanes for the cars to use. It was scary business. Luckily, we arrived with barely time to get set up-even though we had left home at 7:30 AM. The site organizer said incredulously, "You need power? Didn't you bring a generator?" Clearly a case of one hand not talking to another as we were asked to provide our own sound equipment-three cars full. Jeff, the band organizer, arrived to help us set up. One nice man came forth to find the electricity and we got started. The cyclists were very complimentary and we enjoyed the music. Jerry is awesome and Mike was so flexible to jump from banjo to bass. I played out stronger than ever, as Matt reflected. Matt, of course, was magnificent! After refreshments at Little Bear, we arrived home (much quicker this time with no bicycles to wait for) to two grateful dogs, missing their parents!