Having a great time getting ready for holiday dances, volunteer playing at care and retirement residences, and playing at jams in the nearby towns. I have been less interested in booking bands that I "front." It is more fun to play instruments than stand up there and just sing. Porter and the Pale Ales is different because I get to play and sing in that one. I remember the days of standing there is some sexy dress and crooning away happily. Those days are past and I have many memories of all the jazz joints and bars where I learned from the best Cincinnati had to offer. It is hard to continue that work when there are no role models or ways to hear that genre. Some are trying but without the lab experience of listening to live performances of this genre, don't come close to the sound. . . or the emotions to bring authentic experience alive. Fortunately for those performers, very few listeners in our town are discerning the difference.

So this season, I fill my time trying to keep up in the Grande Rondelin Orchestra, the Country Dance Orchestra, Blue Plate Special, and the ukulele Strum Circle. I am having a blast! Retirement is awesome!