Learned so much my brain in fried....that's why I am still up at 2 AM! Slide uke, claw hammer, writing songs, strum styles...whew! I have to get organized with my practice schedule. 

With all that, my Mini Cooper died in the parking lot outside the Middle School and had to be towed to Portland. Lucky me, the tow truck driver, Bob, gave me a lift to my hotel and a salvage company rented me a car to get home to La Grande. No car rental place would be open until Monday. So, I drove home in a Toyota Echo with no CD player and three new CDs just burning up in my backpack! Through all the crazy, I did not miss a note of the evening concert on Saturday!

I cycled to Mosier on the Old State Highway and back before leaving Hood River. Amazingly beautiful scenery but next time I will start in Mosier when I am fresh. The hill coming back from having coffee at The Ten Speed was a bit long. I was wishing for more than 7 gears!  I also struggled getting the new bike unfolded. The pedals stuck under the back rack because the tire had rotated in a funny position. Along came an EOU alumna, a fellow Mountie, who rotated the tire with a thunk and released the pedal. Yay! I was afraid that I would have to ditch my ride and I was all dressed up, day pass in the Toyota, and itchin' to ride. What a nice man! His wife used to work in the EOU Library! I did not even get their names. 

So, I am home--no worse for wear....just on fire in my brain with cool stuff to do.