The CUCU Ukulele Orchestra played their first pieces on the Collaborate Through Music concert last night at Groth Recital Hall at Eastern Oregon University. Players were  (in no particular order) Maddy Johnson, Kent Anderson, Becky Bechtel, Annette Willliams. Kelly McAlister, Karen Antell, Katie Schraan, April Curtis, Sam Bond, William Bond, and Barbara West. We lost a few to illness and change in term schedules. 

 They played beautifully! Like an idiot, while they were setting up I was killing time with the audience and did not tune my instrument. I started playing and realized that my low string was way off so I mostly played air ukulele-I was mortified. learned a lesson there! Anyway, I was very pleased with our first outing and look forward to MANY more. Go CUCU!!!!!!!!

The next official gig is April 25th at the Senior Center in la Grande for the AARP meeting,.