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The Ukulele Entertainer (book) by Ralph Shaw

Posted by Sharon Porter on Thursday, March 15, 2012, In : Ukulele 
Even though I subscribe to Ralph Shaw's blog, he has the most interesting and useful articles put into a newly-published book called The Ukulele Entertainer. I have been reading the chapters here and there. I have found that they are the sweetest pieces to read before sleeping. I go to sleep thinking 'The world is all right. Ralph is playing somewhere!" Zzzzzzz.
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Exciting weekend at Hood River Ukefest 2012

Posted by Sharon Porter on Monday, March 5, 2012, In : Ukulele 
Learned so much my brain in fried....that's why I am still up at 2 AM! Slide uke, claw hammer, writing songs, strum styles...whew! I have to get organized with my practice schedule. 

With all that, my Mini Cooper died in the parking lot outside the Middle School and had to be towed to Portland. Lucky me, the tow truck driver, Bob, gave me a lift to my hotel and a salvage company rented me a car to get home to La Grande. No car rental place would be open until Monday. So, I drove home in a Toyo...
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Congrats to CUCU!

Posted by Sharon Porter on Sunday, January 23, 2011, In : Ukulele 
The CUCU Ukulele Orchestra played their first pieces on the Collaborate Through Music concert last night at Groth Recital Hall at Eastern Oregon University. Players were  (in no particular order) Maddy Johnson, Kent Anderson, Becky Bechtel, Annette Willliams. Kelly McAlister, Karen Antell, Katie Schraan, April Curtis, Sam Bond, William Bond, and Barbara West. We lost a few to illness and change in term schedules. 

 They played beautifully! Like an idiot, while they were setting up I was killin...
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My "baby" is being made!

Posted by Sharon Porter on Thursday, October 21, 2010, In : Ukulele 
My ukulele is being made by Mya Moe and they post pictures of the ukulele in the process of its birth! I am sooooo excited. I will post pictures!
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Two new members of CU-CU...yes!

Posted by Sharon Porter on Monday, September 13, 2010, In : Ukulele 
We have two new members of CUCU...Annette and Juanette! Annette works at EOU and has received her materials and  mini-session on what we learned in the first session. Today, I am working with Juanette to get her going as well. I am happy to have these dedicated players in our midst!

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CU-CU plans are coming together

Posted by Sharon Porter on Friday, July 16, 2010, In : Ukulele 
The plans to begin a ukulele group in the community are forming. Just need a place with parking, a schedule of rehearsals, and money for stands and tuners. I am having the participants buy their own books. It will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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