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MINI is back!

Posted by Sharon Porter on Thursday, March 15, 2012, In : Daily Life 
My MINI Cooper is back home. Her real name is Pepper. It seems that a very sophisticated sensor went awry telling Pepper that it was 90 degrees outside and the gasoline was mixing wrong for the 35 degrees it really was. All is better. Drove Pepper home form Portland and got to see a full moon reflected in the Columbia River. That made all the inconvenience worth it...and I got a free MINI T-shirt for my trouble to boot! 
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The Ukulele Entertainer (book) by Ralph Shaw

Posted by Sharon Porter on Thursday, March 15, 2012, In : Ukulele 
Even though I subscribe to Ralph Shaw's blog, he has the most interesting and useful articles put into a newly-published book called The Ukulele Entertainer. I have been reading the chapters here and there. I have found that they are the sweetest pieces to read before sleeping. I go to sleep thinking 'The world is all right. Ralph is playing somewhere!" Zzzzzzz.
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Exciting weekend at Hood River Ukefest 2012

Posted by Sharon Porter on Monday, March 5, 2012, In : Ukulele 
Learned so much my brain in fried....that's why I am still up at 2 AM! Slide uke, claw hammer, writing songs, strum styles...whew! I have to get organized with my practice schedule. 

With all that, my Mini Cooper died in the parking lot outside the Middle School and had to be towed to Portland. Lucky me, the tow truck driver, Bob, gave me a lift to my hotel and a salvage company rented me a car to get home to La Grande. No car rental place would be open until Monday. So, I drove home in a Toyo...
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