Short Bio

I emerged from undergraduate school at Morehead State University with no debt and a brand-new Bachelor in Music Education degree. I began to teach music in the schools but realized that I would rather be a librarian and keep my love of music as an avocation. I went back to grad school, got a Masters in Education and began studying library science. I finally finished that degree from Southern Connecticut State University with an MLS. During all this, I taught in public and private, urban and rural K-12 schools for over thirty four years and worked some university adjunct work. A miracle happened and I got a position teaching all the subjects I loved in the Master of the Art of Teaching degree program at Eastern Oregon University. After eight years at EOU, I retired with over forty years in education K through higher ed. My colleagues are really and supportive. They are my forever friends!

I began a community group CUCU (Coalition of Union County Ukuleles). I also play with a few bands where I play bass and sing. I love bluegrass, the blues, GOOD folk (Dylan, etc.) and jazz standards. The bands are Blue Plate Special (bass and sing), Porter and the Pale Ales (my band of old standards- I uke and sing), Matt Cooper's X-Tet (sing) and one living room band, The Twisted Willows. I wish that the human being did not have to sleep. I feel my life is an experiment of walking around sleep-deprived  but happy!

My husband, Matt, is a real musician at the university and plays piano and keyboards. He is a dream--as a person and a musician. Modest, kind, good, true, and talented....oh, and very funny! We are parents to a lovely daughter, Natalia, who is a hard-working student at EOU. We also live with two chiweenies, LC (Library of Congress) and Dewey (of the Decimal System.) They are a peacable kingdom. All of our pets are rescued and adopted from the animal shelter here in La Grande, Oregon. We travel around the globe a bit and love the UK!