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Living in a splendid landscape in the valley of the Blue Mountains, I am retired from teaching at Eastern Oregon University and from a stint at owning an art gallery, The Blue Turtle. In my "spare" time, I am a musician playing bass and singing with Blue Plate Special and have my own band, Porter and the Pale Ales. I am certified as a ukulele instructor through the James Hill Ukulele Initiative at Level 2. I play a little bit of Irish-tuned tenor guitar, dulcimer, and ukulele with The Tailgators.I also play with the Upside String Band (mostly dulcimers) here in the valley 

This page is intended to be a spot to gather all the busy-ness of my work and play and I hope some of the links help you. As a librarian, it is a compulsion to gather information...a feature, not a bug!

Download our CD...Music at the Market, with Porter and the Pale Ales, The Summit Ridge Band, Matt Cooper X-Tet, and the Ten Depot Street Syncopators...brand new! Hot off the turntable!

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 The Velotones on YouTube!

Check out the Velotones here on YouTube! They are performing "Route 66" for the Elgin, OR stop during Cycle Oregon 2010!

I am a beginning tenor guitar and dulcimer player . . .

Ron Ewing Dulcimer